Trump’s Policy Reversal Will ‘Devastate’ Cuba

Repeating Islands


Market Watch reports that travel experts say that Donald Trump’s policy reversal to the policy changes made by the Obama administration will “devastate” businesses in Cuba:

The changes will make it more difficult for people to travel from the U.S. to Cuba and bar Americans from doing business with institutions owned by military services there. “The previous administration’s easing of restrictions on travel and trade does not help the Cuban people — they only enrich the Cuban regime,” Trump said in a speech Friday announcing the policy.

Under former president Barack Obama’s regulations, Americans could travel to the country under 12 approved categories, including religious activities, humanitarian projects, “support for the Cuban people,” and journalistic activities. It is not yet clear how exactly the rules will affect tourism, as Trump alluded to a “travel ban” in his speech Friday, but the official White House statement said it will allow non-academic…

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