My Gravatar is Real

And Everything is Beautiful

Do you hide behind fake eye-lashes,
hair extensions too?
My Gravatar is real
baby how ’bout you?

I’m always deeply confused
profoundly perplexed
when I see you in all those
Instagram effects

My Gravatar is Real
how ’bout you?

No fillers
no chemicals
no aspartame
no hashtags
or likes for likes
no pretentious
fucking games

My Gravatar is real
no fucking lame
cropped Tumblr image to hide behind
no pharmaceuticals to alter my mind

I write art that’s relevant
and real
and true
My Gravatar is Real
baby how ’bout you?

No cliched imagery
no pretense
no candy coated
unadulterated nonsense

I write on the edge
I write fully lit
no condom covered rhyme schemes
only cock to clit

and no plastic forks or spoons or knives
no bored

In this art and in this life
I only create what is…

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