More Weapons of Mass Destruction

Openhearted Rebel

By Peter van Els (Contributor, Openhearted Rebel), https://www.facebook.com/WhiteRoseEvolution/?fref=ts

On May 25, Donald Trump, the President of America, visited Brussels and the NATO. His visit concluded that Europe must meet its obligations and buy more mass destruction weapons for the security and democracy of the Western and free world. In a clumsy, arrogant and disrespectful way he insult America’s best and most loyal allies.

After Trump had closed a mega-deal in Saudi Arabia about mass destruction weapons and announced that he would raise America’s budget, he once again spoke about more money for the arms industry in Europe. His first foreign trip was purely a business trip for the American arms industry. The rest was clean shine and baked air. Trump is the best weapon lobbyist. American weapons come first, of course.

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