Sources Of Inspiration: WordPress Experience.

Pearl White's soul

I have gone through lots of ups and downs of life and now I do think of penning down my experience about something which is perturbing me immensely making me restless till I write in my blog at wordpress….This is the immense insanity or impatience,or the kick or the passion which creates a” lil kinda” writer in me…..Teary eyed we start writing raining from droplets to shower from heavily clouded eyes,picking up our inspiration so that we can compose,meditate and have peace.

Artist , creators, who showcase their creativity,a writer or whoever is so called” great men or women,” has few things of intense inspirations in them which they write and which I feel to share with you all and take the pleasure of sharing.When I go through different writer’s blogs of wordpress I am awestruck to find such!!!!

They are inspired extremely by the beauty of nature,might be nature…

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