Poetry: Chasing Strawberry Drippings

Raqi Raccoon

A free verse poetry “Chasing Strawberry Droplets.”

Aw, the luxuries of summer, the endless warmth, the frozen treats, the laughter of children in the water. Picnics in the park, rollerblading around a block. Blue sky and me and you. A free verse and digital art piece retaking one to the days of summer.

Image of free verse poetry "Chasing Strawberry Droplets."

A little
Girl stands
on concrete squares
with a frozen creamsicle in hand,
and commits to
chasing its strawberry droplets
with her tongue,
down fingertips that taste so sweet.
Half-cracked smile emerges
on little-burned sun face.
A furry beast licks
fallen pink sweeten circles,
spinning around dazzling
and hoping for more.
Everything seems
To offer contentment.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Chasing Strawberry Droplets|
A free verse poetry.


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