Poetry – Unearthing One’s Roots

Raqi Raccoon

A free verse poetry, “Unearthing One’s Roots.”

In life, we choose whom we want around us, but sometimes our choices are of good intentions, but over time we find it wasn’t a good choice and we must move on. Some people put on a great illusion of grandeur. Some people carry weighted rocks and ask you to help them pack them. I say not! A free verse poetry and digital art piece to bring clarity to life.

Image of free verse poetry, "Unearthing One's Roots."

Unearthing One’s Roots

There is a poem in standing trees.
You can hear words bending branches,
and a rustling of leaves.
A verse about truths of walking away
about things, or people
that no longer need to stay.
On the outside, it looks quite simple
like you need only to put on a scarf or coat.
It seems there isn’t anything less painful
than unearthing one’s roots.
The proof is in the tree stumps…

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