Why Is The GOP So Terrible At Health Care?

In Saner Thought

Repeal and Replace!  Repeal and Replace!  And the chanting went on and on for 8 years…and it helped the GOP win their last election.

All the while they promised to give the American people a health care plan that would benefit all….and yet they cannot do anything except repeat their tired old chant.

To listen to them for the last 8 years this process was a simple task that would make life better for all Americans.

Boy, were these dudes wrong!

The Senate came up with a plan that crapped on everyone but the wealthy and they could not get the votes to push it down the throats of Americans…..so they did what they always do….postpone….and pray they can find a solution soon….

There will be no vote on Senate Republican’s health care bill this week. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell decided Tuesday to delay a vote on the bill…

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