Poetry: Be Strong Little Flower.

Raqi Raccoon

A free verse poetry, “Be Strong Little Flower.”

Each day we rise from our beds, we don’t know what to expect from it. It could be challenging, testing our patience on and on. It will be great if we take each challenge and turn it into something positive. A free verse and digital art piece to offer enlightenment.

Image of free verse poetry, "Be Strong Little Flower."

Be Strong Little Flower

Little flower.
Keep your chin up.
Do you not know of your strength.
You are small, but you’re fragrant.
And that’s sweet and compelling.
And worth more than you’ve known.
For every orchid and its colorful blossom.
Also started as a seed.
And if they’re are cause for such beauty,
Then I PROMISE you’re too.
Watch out little flower,
let not, the sun scorches your petals.
And know there is shade in the reflection
of the droplets of water that falls from
the low hanging branches.
Be brave…

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