#SoCS July 1/17 – Ooooh, Aaaah!

But I Smile Anyway...

It’s Saturday, which means time for the #SoCS prompt! This week, as Linda has “a gazillion things to do” Dan Antion of No Facilities is filling in!

An interesting prompt this week Dan, thanks!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ooooh, aaaah,”. Use it as a phrase, or break it apart. And since I love bonus points, bonus points if you somehow manage to start and end with all or part. That’s about it, oh yeah, I almost forgot – Enjoy!

Ooooh, aaaah!
Every time I move my arm!
I seem to do myself more harm!
Ooooh, aaaah!
My shoulder is killing me!
I am filled with self-pity!
Ooooh, aaaah!
Not easy to teach like this!
Should really give classroom dancing a miss!
Ooooh, aaaah!
Not sure what to do!
Think I’ll go and make a brew!
Ooooh aaaah!
Heat spray is the thing for me!

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