No Other Way

Allison Grayhurst


No Other Way

Is there a voice

as sharp as a cut nerve,

or an answer to unravel

this relentless groove?

Is there divinity in stagnation

or purpose to a dead womb?

Can even a great love withstand

evenings of always the same

bleak gestures – a snapped jugular,

a lost future?

Is it burning like an enemy in our closet

or like a miracle denied?

Is it a triggered revolver in the pit

of all our youthful promise or a transmuting faith

that rides this kissless wound?

If we give this back or give it up will it be

the bed to hold us, will it nurse our roots

to flower, or drop us unwanted?

Will there be rescue from this slumbering void

or just the iris of our common eye looking, looking back

at its old and destroyed self?



Copyright © 2002 by Allison…

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