Spankings or Time Out?? 

The Keep Up

Children can definitely be hard to handle at times. I have a 7 year old son and a 4 year old daughter. They both are a handful! My son has 10 words for every 2 I say and my daughter thinks she’s slicker than fish grease. Kids definitely aren’t want they use to be! They are wayyy more advanced mentally and sometimes too smart for their own good.
When I was younger I got popped in my mouth if my mom even thought I was about to get smart. I wasn’t allowed to ask “why” or say “no”. My kids don’t know those boundaries. They ask why, and expect me to explain myself!!!

I’ve noticed that everyone will point out how “bad” someone else’s children are but in reality most kids now a days have some sort of behavioral problem. It may be acting up at school or home, lying…

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