Thoughts From The “Food Nazi”

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The weekend and as usual it is a chore to find something to blog about that does not include the politics of the day…..but I try….

From time to time I will post something that deals with food or cafe life….since I shut down my food blog, The Food Nazi, I have done a little food posts here and there…….Subjects like food trends, wine, etc……

Why the “Food Nazi”….that is easy…..I am pretty set in my ways…….I believe that food should be prepared the way it was suppose to be prepared……I guess a traditionalist would be a good description.  Fusion food is out for me!  The once noble profession of chef has now become nothing more than a cheap game show….in an age when insults are more important than facts I am glad I am no longer cooking for the public.

Sorry, I digress.

Many years ago when I returned…

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