Dark Night

Allison Grayhurst


Dark Night



              stand the long drawn spike wedging

year upon year into my belly – can’t

              breathe under this burden of debt

and the cold didactic sentiments of the crowd – can’t

              live without some relief, some saving grace

to upload this struggle and haul it to the nearest dump – can’t

              understand the ruthless actions that forsake

the existence of God and paint a false justice on each toenail

to count and display at convenient random – can’t

              get my head around the hate that jettisons

into my arms because of the path

that has been laid before me – can’t

              help but try to hold on to the fine threads

of my sanity, to look at love and believe that is all

that matters – can’t

              keep this cast-iron anchor cuffed to my bones or take

another step…

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