Free Verse – Reflecting Rain

Raqi Raccoon

A free verse poetry, “Reflecting Rain”.

There comes a time in one’s life when we realize, we are what we are. Life offers choices, choices to live in despair, bitterness. Or there’s the light of love, beaming happiness, positivity. We can dwell in the darkness or live in the light it’s our choice.

Image of free verse poetry,

Reflecting Rain

I sat watching.
Little raindrops fall.
On the porch deck, then the ground.
Some bigger than others.
Transfixed. Enchanted.
It reminds me of tears; I’ve cried.
Each weighted, differently.
Joy, sadness, pain, of loss.
How they seem to disappear.
And those standing on the railing.
It’s like seeing reflections of things.
Reminding me, of me.
How beaten down, and yet how strong,
I could be all the while.
How can I fall, and stand?
And find MYSELF breathing love,
just to expel it.
And despite it all, tenderness remains.
My soul, my longevity live inside this…

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