Monday Morning Reset [07/10].

L.S. Engler

Oof, it’s been an interesting week it’s been. Between all my usual writing, reading, and working things, I’ve also had a visit with my brother and his family and a major mega sinus attack. The sinus attack is still lingering, although it’s a bit improved. Bright light still hurts like the dickens, but, thankfully, Mother Nature took pity on me and it’s a pretty rainy, overcast day…for now. The sky is showing a few worrying hints of blue, but, if anything, maybe that means I can fit in a bike ride later. For now, though, it’s sitting in front of the computer and taking a look at what I accomplished last week and what I hope to accomplish this week. Let’s have a look!

Reading: Sometimes, you think you’re close to the end of a book, and you keep trying to get to that last page, but no matter how…

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