Dark Poetry By Bethany K

NOT MY SECRET...the journey towards healing from abuse

Take a side.

You have to pick a side.

The victim,

Or the criminal.

It is either


You have to take a side.

There is no middle.

There is no gray.

It is so simple,

If you choose me,

You choose innocence.

You choose worthy.

You choose integrity.

You choose what is right,

What is good,

What is light.

If you don’t choose me,

In every scenario,

Every other scenario,

You are choosing them.

And they,

Are evil.


Are criminals.

They are the dark side

Of the world.

Anything but me,

You are choosing everything that is wrong.

You are choosing everyone that is rotten

To their core.

Will you rot with them?

They won’t notice.

No one will notice

Because the rotten cannot see.

They have already chosen not to.

Will you choose darkness

Just to not choose me?

Because that is the choice.


Or light

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