North Korea. The Magical Subject.

In Saner Thought

What can I say….the mere mention of this topic and there is wide array of emotions passed on through blogs and news reports……some want to take it down….others want to take out Lil Kim…..while others plead for calm and sanity…..and then there are those that keep saying that North Korea could very well start World War 3.

The site “The National Interests” seems to think that WW3 could break out over the mash up with NK…….

North Korea has achieved something remarkable: for an impoverished country with a GDP smaller than that of Rhode Island, it has built a nuclear and ballistic missile program. The result is a growing arsenal of nuclear weapons with an expanding level of reach. While North Korea’s nukes are in all likelihood meant for regime security, in the event of war, Pyongyang would attempt to deliver devastating nuclear strikes against American, South Korean and Japanese…

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