Swallowed Whole

Raqi Raccoon

A free verse poetry, “Swallowed Whole.”

Sometimes the darkness drowns, even the light. Thick clouds hover, shrouding doubts on faint of heart, then it pours. Deeper, deeper, within we go before we know, we are lost. Hiding in the shadows behind lies. When is it time, to find oneself?

Swallowed Whole

Swallowed Whole

You’ve swallowed yourself.
Completely whole. Why?
Shadows hold you captive.
You’re words scorched with blue.
A thick layer of paint.
To mask the real you.
A price to pay.
For bending ears to listen.
And is it covered in gold and glitter?
The TV is easier to watch.
Pacified by lies.
Until you look at its glare
and see yourself standing there.
Is there a way to reach inside of your soul.
And turn the inside…Outside.
Peel back hours buried.
Just to be yourself again.
Find that muffled voice
Wanting to cry out loud.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017

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