Humanity is still suffering


​I saw modern countries in reports, in thrown words. I saw well dressed personalities there. I saw freedom seekers, colorful thoughts wanderlust. I saw amazingly organized priorities. I saw variousity and flexibility. I saw realists in a stage of time while seeing majorities and intolerance. While realising that the wide gardens sheltering glamorous flowers would reveal the treasuries of nectar that are actually hiding the emptiness of them, shaded by the classifications of petals, but still considered productive despite the role of nothingness they play.

Wherever you are, regardless to the position you are conquering or the group you superficially belong to, be certain that they won’t necessarily represent your perspectives and concepts. Accordingly, being in the most superior locality of open-mindedness and evolution doesn’t make you sufficiently civilized or rational. You don’t reflect anything but the convictions that has been waving with the first oxygen doses that filled your…

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