Of How Shadows Speak

Raqi Raccoon

In this free verse poetry, “Of How Shadows Speak”.

I find I need to seek out solace. Especially when the day is crazy! Crazy in the sense that there’s no stopping, no breaks. As a single mom, life tends to work itself that way. A constant mirage of places to be, people to see. Not that I don’t mind it. But when I find that place that brings me to a peaceful solace I take it in and absorb it. Do you? Do you take the time to step out of reality?

Shadows Speak

Of How Shadows Speak.

The slightest breeze stirred; mixing blue and green.
My eyes followed to the darker shades.
It was the way the light flickered through the colors.
That caught my attention.
The slow swoop and sway of bending branches.
And how the leaves changed from green to pink.
It was music. But there were no words.

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