HuffPost Morning Email: August 1st, 2017

HuffPost Morning Email: August 1st, 2017: The Trump Jr. meeting story just got even more complicated.


Ariel Edwards-Levy here, filling in for Lauren Weber through Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 1

TRUMP LAWYER’S STATEMENT CALLED INTO QUESTION  Just weeks ago, one of Donald Trump‘s lawyers denied that the president had anything to do with Donald Trump Jr.‘s statement about his Russia meeting. But according to a new story from The Washington Post, the president himself personally dictated the misleading response. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]


SO LONG, ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI President Trump’s colorful new communications director lasted just 10 days before announcing his resignation. Of course, Twitter’s got jokes. [HuffPost]

IN THE WHITE HOUSE, ONE DAY YOU’RE IN And the next day you’re out. Here’s the guide you need to keep track of the chaos. [HuffPost]

VENEZUELAN OPPOSITION LEADERS SEIZED IN OVERNIGHT RAIDS The two men were taken from their homes by security officials after urging protests. [Reuters]

TEXAS COMPANIES WANT THE STATE TO DROP ITS “BATHROOM BILL” More than 50 signed a letter saying it’s bad for business. [HuffPost]

THE SENATE IS TOO DIVIDED TO KEEP WORKING ON A HEALTH CARE BILL That’s according to Sen. Orrin Hatch, who says he’ll take his message to the White House. [Reuters]


LOS ANGELES HAS AGREED TO HOST THE 2028 OLYMPICS It’s a “major step” toward the City of Angels’ bid to host the games for a third time. [HuffPost]


SOMEONE COULDN’T WAIT FOR “GAME OF THRONES” SPOILERS HBO confirmed it was the victim of a major attack from hackers. [HuffPost]



HOLLYWOOD IS NOT GETTING ALL THAT MUCH BETTER AT REPRESENTATION “We like to say we don’t have a diversity problem; we actually have an inclusion crisis.” [HuffPost]

MORE THAN A THIRD OF ADULTS WERE PRESCRIBED OPIOIDS IN 2015 Even the author of the study says he’s surprised by the depth of the problem. [Reuters]


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