A Team Of Sycophants?

In Saner Thought

Back in the day Lincoln put together a government with rivals (Whigs, Free Soilers, Dems, etc)……Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860 marked the first time a Republican was elected president. Having no experience in national affairs and facing a crisis of enormous proportions, Lincoln strategically filled his cabinet with the men who had opposed him for the nomination and who were his political rivals. Formed from a disparate coalition of Whigs, Democrats, Free Soilers, easterners, westerners, northerners, radicals, and conservatives, the new Republican political party mirrored the men who served in Lincoln’s cabinet.

I bring this up because Pres. Trump has not done anything resembling a forward thinking move that Lincoln did.  Instead he found a team of sycophants.

Oh, my bad……to you supporters of Mr. Trump…..sycophant means a servile self-seeking flatterer…..if that is a bit too deep for your mental capabilities then how about…..ass kisser, boot licker or brown noser….got…

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