Mirrored Souls

Raqi Raccoon

A free verse poetry, “Mirrored Souls”.

Of ourselves, we can become more than one identity. Emotions can make a mirrored image, split from happiness, of anger, of sadness. Or our true-selves, we can see our reflection in the mirror of life. A free verse poetry and a digital image of our mirroring souls.

Image of free verse poetry,

Mirrored Souls

He must have planted you and me
of the same seed.
Pulled back from earth crust,
placed as one into softening dirt.
Must of have suddenly realized
how unsettling it was
to place that much magic dust
in one being and reluctantly split
that seed in two.
How else is it that I can see,
mine reflection in the mirror.
I see myself looking at you
the breaths you take to fill lungs with air.
The silhouette so fragile, yet there.
Like we just met, yet still, have known
one another forever, if we…

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