Yielding Flower

Raqi Raccoon

In this micro-poetry, “Yielding Flower.”

In these past two years, grief struck me 7 times, sporadic spread over months, one healing, only to be broken and opened again with pain. In those months, I learned, to accept the losses, ones I had no control over, or to stop. Yet, I yielded to the pain, absorbed all the loss. Then, one small step after another, one day at a time, I, blossomed into whom I am today.

This is how, how I can humbly breathe life into words. It is my burning desire, to teach, to inspire, saying that we all prevail many storms, and yet, we can still rise like the yielding flower after a summer storm.

Thank you, to all of you for your gracious support. You keep me inspired with a driven determination that there is more to life.

I thank my beautiful little girl, who tells me: “Mommy…

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