When I Feel

Raqi Raccoon

A free verse poetry, “When I Feel.”

Emotions can be like nature, tempered by changes. Such as the seasons change from summer to fall, or we have changes in our lives. These changes can bring on feelings, happiness, anger, sadness, and love. A little free verse poetry and digital art piece to brighten your Monday!

When I Feel

When I Feel

I don’t know if any living thing is perfect.
When I am sad
I don’t cry; tears pour from eyes.
Like a tree going through changes of seasons.
Leaves fall.

When I am happy; a smile glows from my face.

Is this of the flowers when the sun
gives a warm embrace.
When I am angry; yelling is not for me.
I don’t yell; I burn.
Like tree struck by lightning. When I resolve.

I talking quietly, softly like a spring breeze whispering to nature,

Come let’s grow together.
Of these extremes…

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