A Beautiful Ruin

Mistakes & Adventures

“What has you in such a mood?”,
His friend asked.

“I discovered a ruin. A beautiful ruin,
It’s clear to me what a beauty it once was, and could be again,
The melodies that floated forth,
And the creativity spurred within,
A gentle ruin,
A palace of compassion,
I could feel the emotions pumping through,
Like it’s heartbeat hadn’t quite given up hope,
It was a magical experience.”

“Was the damage extensive?”,
His friend asked.

Completely unappreciated,
Dismantled even,
As if torn down from within,
Over a significant period of time,
Piece by piece,
There was a struggle,
An attempt to combat the assailant,
But ultimately the result was tragedy. ”

“Where did you make this discovery?”,
His friend asked.

“Tucked away,
On a side street,
Trying to disappear,
Escape the cafes and book stores,
The clothes racks and burger joints,
Attempting to find solace in solitude,

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