The Truth Behind Forever…

The Caged Bird Sings

I don’t know why but I have come to realize that the words like “forever” or “always” hold any meaning in this mortal world.

I mean you could spend lacs and crores getting your house white washed. You may use the best material, the best paint in the world. But still, it is certain that it’ll perish some day and you’ll have to spend those handsome bucks again! You may buy a Lamborghini, much to your satisfaction. Still that day is inevitable when it would no longer be in your use. You may shower all the love on your pet dog, but with the advancement of it’s age, it’ll rot unto death. You may promise a stream of “forevers” to your beloved. You may even mean them in full sincerity at that time. But there does come a time when all of it seems meaningless and futile.

Change is the…

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