Pregnancy Woes

Makaitah Rogue

Here is the thing, if you see a pregnant woman be nice to her, smile, and show some kindness because she is going through a hell unknown to most. The experience is comparable to the sweet nectarine taste of grape fruit and the unexpected harsh after taste. The beauty of bringing a new life into the world and the discomforts accompanied with it.

1. Hormonal Mood Swings

Hormonal fluctuations for pregnant women is like a seesaw. One minute we are laughing, the next we feel like crying for no apparent reason. Sometimes I look at the man and get all mushy inside within the same breath I want to strangle him. I am telling you pregnancy is crazy. Last night his face was mad annoying and just looking at him made me angry. I searched for reasons to pick a fight with him.

Me: I know what you are…

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