Wolf’s True Self

Raqi Raccoon

A free verse poetry, “Wolf’s True Self.”

A wolf has a true identity of selfIt binds with its own likeness, it is driven by instinctive evolution. It’s character never changes. There is a strong sense of survivalist. With a pack or alone, it doesn’t question life. Taught at a very young age to survive by a pure predatory state. We, as individuals question true self. Question life. A free verse poetry to open eyes!

Wolf's True Self

Free Verse Poetry: Wolf’s True Self

Who’s lurking, pervasive stance is a
cry of beauty: is of raw primal:
is old-eyed evolution?
Of a gregarious nature and behavior.
Our primitive and humane culture.
“I shall fear! If not for education,
a tidbit, a morsel.
If not an extension of self, life.
Full of vigor, and adaptable
and life and denial and food.
“Don’t fear the unknown, if you’ve,
set yourself in hunger’s path.
Each of being prey…

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