Allison Grayhurst




Bound by evil,

the kind that has no shame or hidden gain

that has only stupidity as its strength and cruelty

as its force.

Bound to deal with the devil’s lowest minion,

to feel its rotting invading tongue touch your

clothes, your books, your headband.

But not bound by its game as long as the game

is relinquished and God is sought when the axe comes down,

then it will pass through you like a phantom axe,

mighty in appearance, but achieving nothing.

Not bound if the worse comes, and still

you stand with peace and dignity, trusting God’s reward

and promise of care.

Not bound if you are free in faith, if you know

yourself to be subject to a richer realm, higher than

these inching worms.



Copyright © 2010 by Allison Grayhurst




First published in “Chicago Record Magazine” July 2017



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