GOTTA Meet: DONNA & DIANA. dineANDrhyme Blog

MEET DONNA & DIANA dineANDrhyme Blog

OK, I admit, not only are they HOT but their blog is ROCKIN!!!!

Zad by Pita Inn – dineANDvlog

Monti’s – dineANDvlog

La Cocinita – dineANDvlog


dineANDrhyme– a blog that combines food & poetry mixed with vlogging


to put it simply,

I created the blog dineANDrhyme to combine the two things in my small world I absolutely love: food and poetry. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL and that is where most of the restaurants I have the pleasure of visiting are located.

I also accept contributions from others writers who write about restaurants from anywhere in this world.

I hope that you will not only enjoy the poetry on this page but that you will be hungry while reading it!





I am a communication, media, and theater major from Chicago, IL. growing up, I was the kid who would spend my days with my cousins making movies with my dad’s oversized video camera (you remember those things?!)

with my LOVE for creating videos and me myself being a major foodie, I couldn’t imagine spending my free time doing anything else.

hope you guys get as hungry as I do watching these short delicious clips!



Their YouTube Network….. dineANDvlog



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