#Fascism – What is it?

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“Fascism and Communism”


The word “fascism” is derived from the Latin fasces, bundles of rods bound around an ax and carried in Roman processions as an authority symbol; the bound rods represented the community unified around the central authority figure. Fascism is conceived as an expression of the organic unity of the society. Absolute power is vested in a supreme ruler. The state represents the collective will of the people.

Fascism has some ancient ideological foundations. Throughout most of human history the absolute power of the monarch was simply taken for granted. In the Middle Ages it was “the divine right of kings” who, at least by implication, embodied and interpreted the will of God to their subjects.


Fascism typically vests absolute authority in a single leader, who controls state bureaucracy with a hierarchy of delegated powers. Ths supreme leader is the source of all law, and is himself above…

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