Fellowship (from Everyman)

Dark Side of the Moon

Fellowship sees a frown on Everyman’s face and asks him what’s wrong. Everyman hesitates to answer, so Fellowship promises to be true to him and go with him anywhere, even all the way to hell if need be. But when Everyman tells him that Death has sent him to stand before the judge Adonai and make a reckoning for his life, Fellowship quickly renigs on his promise, saying he wouldn’t go there even for his own father. They part ways, never to see each other again, and Everyman says:

Alack, shall we thus depart indeed—
Ah, Lady, help!—without any more comfort?
Lo, Fellowship forsaketh me in my most need!
For help in this world whither shall I resort?
Fellowship herebefore with me would merry make,
And now little sorrow for me doth he take.
It is said, “In prosperity men friends may find
Which in adversity be full unkind.”

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