How They Do It– Trump Makes America Hate Again

The Ugly Truth

American Jews see torchlight parades in Virginia that were harbingers of horror in Nazi Germany

ed note–as we noted here last week, the crisis with Korea was/is a ‘necessary evil’ on the part of the Trump administration in throwing water on the witch hunt being orchestrated against him by Judea, Inc vis a vis ‘Russiagate’. The events in Charlottesville–achieved with the willing and cooperative stupidity of those WNs gathered there–have just removed Korea as the centerpiece of American focus and thus have just given Judea, Inc a ‘leg up’ in her war to bring Trump down.

Please note what our esteemed Hebraic author writes below–

‘The good thing about the tragedy in Charlottesville? It made everyone forget the nuclear apocalypse that Trump may be sparking in North Korea…’

As we say here often, no one ever accused the Jews of being stupid.

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