With Her TLC & Britney Spears Prints, This Bronx-Based Artist Will Make You Long for the 2000s

Repeating Islands

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A report by Yara Simón for Remezcla.

Krystal Quiles‘ Riverdale art studio is cozy and neat. All her knickknacks, books, and art supplies have a home. Art fills every square inch. Her walls display pieces that inspire her, as well as those she’s working on. And even though there’s so many visually appealing items for your eyes to linger on, it’d be hard to scan the room and not see the throw pillow that features a “Baby One More Time”-era Britney Spears. The illustration is one she sells on her shop, printed on notebooks, towels, and mugs. Though it’s not wholly representative of her work, the Britney print’s just one example of the Bronx-based artist’s penchant for 2000s pop culture. Scroll through her feed, and you might find yourself feeling nostalgic for the 2000s.

“I’m really into pop culture. Sometimes all I wanna do is make drawings of…

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