Healthy Eating Affects Your Body


​In addition to sleep and physical activity, a balanced diet is one of the key elements of health and well-being. Healthy eating not only makes you feel good but also has a variety of physical heal…

Source: How Does Healthy Eating Affect Your Body?


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  1. This is completely true, i have been horribly unhealthy and I’m a diabetic, I changed my diet and started eating super healthy and now my body always feels great. I don’t feel sluggish anymore, I’m not always super fatigued, I get random energy bursts during the day. It is amazing!


      • Oh yes, it was hard, until I got past the cravings and my body stopped wanting the sugars and starches and started wanting fresh veggies and craving proteins. I am a Mom and my diabetes was so uncontrolled I was playing Russian roulette with my life. I realized that I needed to get healthy before I did permanent damage. I have always had my kids eat healthy as well and wanted to be a better example. My daughter is lactose intolerant, extremely, yet loves ice cream and milk and I told her to stop cheating her diet and eating ice cream and she point blank told me “When you stop eating all the sugars you eat and care about your health, I’ll start taking mine seriously.” She is 11, that statement was a breaking point for me.


  2. Both physical fitness and healthy eating affect your mental and physical well being. They all work hand in hand with each other. I have never felt better than I do now with having all of these aspects in tact


    • I am happy for you and your lifestyle choices. I find being obsessed with anything, and that includes health and fitness, to be just as problematic as not being healthy or fit. Moderation and balance are the keys to life, or maybe My being a Libra, balance is my motto of life. Namaste Ms. healthobsessedvegan.

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