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When I write a post for this blog, I have a self-imposed limit of 800-1200 words for the purpose of readability.  Sometimes that is a difficult limitation and I spend an hour of more trimming my work to get it under 1,200 words.  Now, I am no great mind, no Shakespeare or Tolstoy, but I find that to clearly communicate an idea or ideas requires words.  Words are important and are so easily misunderstood, particularly the written word where there is no accompanying ‘tone of voice’ or ‘body language’ to add clarity.  Therefore one must choose one’s words carefully to ensure they are not misunderstood.  I do not do well, obviously, on Twitter.

And then, along comes Donald Trump, a man elected to the highest office in the nation, who communicates almost entirely through 140-character ‘tweets’ on Twitter.  Professional?  I think not.  Intelligent?  I think not.  Wise?  I think not. …

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