WORSTpress Fucks Up AGAIN.

After 6 years of blogging on wordpress, which from this point forward in this blog post shall be referred to as WORSTPRESS, I have finally had enough. I put up with much bullshit from this blog hosting site and I have reached my ropes end.

I retired in 2008 from 26 years of being a chef, traveling around the globe cooking for a living. In 2008 I stopped loving the cooking and started dreading going to work. No reason why, just happened. I retired. Quit. Decided there is no reason to spend 14 hours a day on my feet doing something I no longer liked, loved, wanted to continue doing.

Fast forward to 2011 and the start of my blogging career. December 5th, 2011 to be precise. Now before December 5th, 2011, I did blog for a couple of lesser professional blogs on other less desirable blog hosting sites, it was horrible. I stumbled onto WORSTPRESS on December 3rd, did some research and decided WORSTPRESS was the best option at that time.

Blogging became my life’s work since I now had time on my hands, a lot of time. The direction of my blog, then named The ObamaCrat, was of course politics and getting the information out to the public about Barack Hussein Obama‘s Presidency. By 2012 I had become disillusioned with Barack and his policies, policies that looked a lot like Dubbya Bush’s bullshit agenda, to me. I changed my blog name from The ObamaCrat to The Militant Negro. Still political but less supportive of Barack and more focused on truth, facts and a NO nonsense approach to news. 

3 months ago I changed my blogs focus from politics to The Arts, with a bit of social justice mixed in for a totally different blog…. Keeping then name The Militant Negro….cause it makes lot of folks nervous. With the change in blog focus came reblogging any and all bloggers and their blog post that were connected to The Arts. Poets, Writers, Authors, Singers, Dancers, Indie Artist, Painters, Sculptors, Musicians, Drawers, Sketchers, ArtCrafters/Hobbyist.

Upwards of 300 reblogs daily.

Around 2 months ago I discovered, through a blog post by a fellow blogger, that instead of clicking the reblog button, clicking the Press This button was a lot easier, more convenient and faster when it came to my mission. The most important thing about Press This over reblog was whenever I clicked reblog, every image that blogger had in his/her post would end up in my media library. Now WORSTPRESS gives each blogger 3 MB of media library space, free. After that you must pay for additional media library space. 

As a blogger, I use a lot of imagery in my post. I believe images are what makes a reader click on your blog post, photos catch the eye and bring a potential reader to your blog. I ended up purchasing an additional 10 MB of media library space at $30 a pop yearly. I also purchased my domain name which is another yearly fee. Oh, yeah, I also bought my WORSTPRESS theme, a one time purchase. I have no designs on spending one red penny more with WORSTPRESS for the privilege of blogging. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover Press This didn’t add more images into my media library.

Press This was at least 3 clicks less than reblog, which is a lot of clicks when you are reblogging/sharing 300 post a day. I was too happy. Should have known it was not going to last.

This morning, November 3rd, 2017, WORSTPRESS saw fit to stop allowing the Press This button to function. When you click the Press This button as of this morning, you get this error message……

“The WordPress bookmarklet was deprecated. Please delete it from your web browser.”

It seems WORSTPRESS has decided to make the Press This link, button, sharing option, null and void. And WORSTPRESS thought it prudent not to inform it’s paying clients of this new development. Press This does not work and the new Press This, if one actually exist, is nowhere to be found. I know because I’ve spent the past 12 hours of my day looking for a new Press This link, button, sharing option.

For months now WORSTPRESS has been fucking with the blog hosting platform, attempting to make the blogging platform more attractive to mobile devices. Totally forgetting their bread & butter customers are desk top bloggers, or bloggers that use laptops. Tablet and cell phone users are NOT the bulk of WORSTPRESS paying clients. WORSTPRESS has been, for many months, “upgrading and improving” it’s platform to work more cohesively with mobile devices. These “upgrades & improvements” have disabled many features in WORSTPRESS….because tech “experts” have yet to address making “upgrades & improvements” without disrupting the flow of a website.

It’s been a clusterfuck inside WORSTPRESS for over a year while they make it more better for mobile devices. Ignoring paying blog customers, like me, who use a desk top or laptop to post from my blog. So many things don’t work, like they used to work, before the “upgrades & improvements” started…..over a year ago. The final straw for me is fuckin with Press This, providing NO new way to use Press This and not informing us before hand, that they planned to fuck up Press This.

I had become bored with blogging. Finding a NEW need, a niche, if you will, of reblogging other bloggers work in The Arts, had given me a new lease on my blogging life.

Now I have to look into self hosting, which is a pain in my Negro ass. That will take weeks, if not months, to research and set up. Not to mention I will lose the hundreds of blogging friends and family I have cultivated over the past 6 years here in WORSTPRESS. 

I’ve spent the past 12 hours contacting and sending e-mails to what WORSTPRESS calls it’s “happiness engineers.” Whats a fuckin “happiness engineer” you ask…..

My definition of a “happiness engineer” is a paid employee of WORSTPRESS who actually gets paid to have no answers to the plethora of problems/questions I deal with by using WORSTPRESS. The “happiness engineers” at WORSTPRESS have ignored me and my questions all day long. Not one response to my e-mails or my WORSTPRESS forum inquires. 

IF WORSTPRESS were as concerned, interested, in helping it’s clients as much as they are into asking us to upgrade to a professional WORSTPRESS blog version, which has a start up cost of $99 yearly, maybe WORSTPRESS would flow and ebb more easily. Why the fuck would I, should I pay $99 a year for shit not to work?

Lastly….WORSTPRESS never did notify bloggers whom I used Press This to reblog their content. Now if you reblog using the reblog button, bloggers get an e-mail notification….but using Press This, they never get notified. So many of the bloggers I reblog using the Press This button, are under the wrong impression I just stopped sharing their post. GOTTA LOVE WORSTPRESS.

My suggestion for WORSTPRESS is……..

I will continue to blog here, as much as i can stomach WORSTPRESS bullshit, daily, until I start self hosting. It’s been a pleasure I can not properly convey, to have known most of you WORSTPRESS bloggers.


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  1. I upgraded to the business plan because my blog is heavy on images and videos and the business plan gives me unlimited space. There are many annoying bugs in the WordPress client. I used a workaround to keep the old editor but now I use both of them. I lay out the blog post in the old editor and use the new editor to add SEO data, an option not accessible (at least to me) in the old editor. I was unaware of the vanishing of the ‘Press This’ option. I stay with WordPress because I like the people who use it. Thank you for your support of my work.


    • Thats the only reason I stay with WORSTpress, the blogging community. I have just a few questions about the Business edition, I’ll buy it depending on your answers, so no pressure….is the $99 fee a yearly fee. Are there other benefits besides the SEO data and the unlimited space. I could go see what their business plan offers myself but honestly, I do not trust them to be truthful, so I am asking you, who already uses the business edition. You’re very welcome when it comes to sharing your work.

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  2. I have managed to keep classic editor mode cos their new one crap basically but as of today unless you use their new one, the old one won’t size up the images, put them in the right place, let you edit them, anything. Feel your pain. Fell your pain xx


    • WORSTpress sent it straight to my spam folder and don’t fret, most every comment I leave on other bloggers blogs goes right into their spam folder. Seems WORSTpress dislikes us being pissed when they fuck up, which they do daily.

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  3. Reblogged this on In Saner Thought and commented:
    This is an FYI re-blog.

    I was having problems with my “Press This” button and sent WP an email for help so far no answer.

    But I did find a post from my friend at “Mr. Militant Negro” about the problem …… At least someone is on the ball and it ain’t WP. chuq


    After reading about this, I looked in WordPress forums and sure enough, new instructions have been given on how Press This now operates.


    There are now two ways of using it.

    One requires adding to the URL from where you want to “press” to your blog (I think) and the other is using Press This from the text box on the admin side of your blog. Using it from the text box results in the title and link.

    The instruction for using Press This which allows for copying what you are “pressing” by adding to the URL is something I will have to try first-hand before understanding.

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    • I created my own work around to use the old Press This. I had to do the exact same thing to keep the classic editor when WORSTpress changed editors without so much as a heads up a change was coming. That new editor sucks ass just as this new Press This option. Seems WORSTpress is hell bent on making something as easy as clicking a Press This button as hard as possible….by changing shit.


  5. Wow … yes, I have had some minor frustrations with WorstPress, but nothing this major. Like you, I pay … in fact pay for the business version, plus domain name. I will stay, though, for I am too tired to start over and self-hosting, according to those who have done it, can be a nightmare for a while. If you leave, I still want to follow you, so please let me know, keep me posted, and stay in touch. Meanwhile, calm, my friend … take a little break … I worry about you. Take care of yourself.


    • I made a work around for my blog that allows me to Press This. Worstpress can kiss my Negro ass. I do not understand how a company can forsake it’s paying customers for making the platform more accessible to mobile device users. Anyway, I am going to stick here since I figured out how to get my blog to Press This.

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    • I created my own “work around” to get Press This to work. It does not work by clicking the Press This button, but instead I have a link I created for my blog to get into the Press This codex and access the Press This files. WORSTpress is so full of feces it is not funny. I am going to be self hosting my blog real soon. Enjoy your weekend Ms. Peach.

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  6. Hi,
    I am sorry you are having stress.
    I did not know that word press stopper the press this option.
    You sound extremely supportive of other bloggers but you only got frustration as a result. You should’ve had good karma.
    I love your blog name. I have been militant also since the Trump administration took over.

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  7. HOPEFULLY, you have heard nothing back from the [really?] “Happiness Engineers” because they are **inundated** with complaints about the Press This totally-stupid-idea and idiotic way to go about letting us know.

    We’re ALL pretty over this nonsense – at least those of us who actually USE the platform every daily.

    Thanks for expressing our frustrations so clearly (and for reblogging Sue’s article about it too).

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!


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