A Writer’s Morbid Thoughts

Deanna's Dark Diary

I just have a question.

How many of ya’ll in the blogosphere or even viewers and readers are morbid (writers)?

Not as in your work/art is morbid. More along the lines of, YOU, YOURSELF have morbid thoughts?

I’m real serious. I feel like I’m dying. Or like I’m going to die. Death crosses my mind at least once a day. Am I seriously disturbed? Or are there others out there like me?

I know I’m “outting” myself and revealing the real freak of nature that I am, but I guess I’m at the age where I don’t really care what people’s opinions are about me. Again, I just want to know….are there others like me out there?

Death is a taboo subject I know, and most people are afraid to talk about it I think.

Why do I obsess over it? Obviously I want to live, so what’s up with…

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