Omg she heard us!!!!! Ground swallow me up now!!!!


So my worst nightmare has happened. For those of you that have been around for a while, such dramatic starts to my post usually means I’ve either wet myself or shat myself. Today boys and girl it’s a whole new level of fuckery. Let me set the scene:

It was late at night, Mr Secret Blog and I were having ‘alone adult time’ we had the TV on quiet and no lights on. He silently locked our bedroom door before we got busy, it wasn’t kinky sexy, it was passionate love making. I was moaning away and just as I was about to explode…


There was a fucking knock on the bedroom door.

As we scrambled about in panic my heart sank to my toes realise one of the kids was AWAKE!!!! I dived under the covered, while Mr Secret Blog put some shorts, he then casually…

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  1. LMAO!!! I don’t think my mother knows I heard her and saw…she had a sofa bed so us kids could have our own room…it sounded like a fight, so I creeped downstairs and peeked over the railing…I kinda figured it out even though they were covered up…I was maybe 10…about 6mo later I dug a bunch of hustlers and playboys, and playgirls out of a dumpster…all that fake news…only I didn’t know it was fake…that would be decades down the road…don’t worry about being “caught” but if she asks you about it plz consider honesty as a option…she will discuss it with friends at some point…


    • good idea about the honesty. Sex is a major part of life so be upfront with your daughter, let her know what you and secret blog were doing and that it’s normal at a point when she is an adult. I was blessed to be taught all about sex, life and love from a much older woman for a lot of years, so I didn’t have to “learn” in a backseat of a car. Learning about sex the right way is a real blessing.


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