Pickled Mystery


Last week my husband discovered an Indian produce store. Since he is just as much a curious cat as I am, he came home with a huge “cool bag” (we go grocery shopping with reusable bags that keep temperature for a couple of hours) of interesting, albeit mysterious vegetables. He expected me to make sense of them.  Only one of them, a long white thing with a green leafy plume, looked somewhat familiar, and – lucky me! – he snapped a picture of it with a name, Muli. I went to my trusty Google which said, “Hey, it’s just a radish, and it’s cooked.” I’ve never heard of cooking radishes, so I went to my more than trusty  – and much admired! – fellow blogger Sumith Babu of Keralas.live and asked if this radish was anything like Daikon, and if I could just treat it the same way.  Sumith said that

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