Rock called Sol 1C


Windy, cold and smooth was the platform my steps rang on ’till I came to the edge and leaned over it to see the clouds beneath us. Silia moved her lip while holding her hands folded under her breasts in a defensive stand. She couldn’t peel her eyes off of a plumpy carpet where gaps in it showed us the land and rivers of a foreign world. Like she was occupied with a unsolvable problem, she swinged left-right and kept silent until I posed a question.

– Anything you would like to share? – I said and rapidly lifted up a funny face to cheer her up.

– We can touchdown anytime you want. – her weak grin implied she didn’t care, but her body screamed “Hell NO”.

– Gee, if we only had a commander to lay the law around here, we would be building a colony down there…

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