How to survive in the world of toadies?

Kristina Gallo - Rebellious rules by Kristina Gallo

Two new girls were employed in my workplace last year. They act like two dolls, available to do anything what bosses ask from them.

Their clothes, smile and behavior, all is in harmony with rules of system. I watch them with nuisance. When their fat, hag boss comes to office, new girl opens door wide to her, offers cup of coffee and sweet words.

I am in fear, she is melting so much, that here could be flood soon.

I will jump over lake of sweet words , i bet, it will be soon. When boss is sad, new girl is sad. When boss is grumpy, girl is grumpy too, her face is as mirror for boss mood . I wonder, what if suddenly boss die? She could die too.

So, black hair girl and blonde girl are not permanent employers. They are here currently, as help assistants. For few months…

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