Why Does Anyone Blog

The question came to me this morning around 3 AM as I was reading a blog post by a blogger whom shall remain nameless, because she was bitchin and moaning about her life, her job and her life and her finances and her life…..well you get the essence of what she was going on and on about. Seems she was not pleased with her career, her life and her life. It got me to thinking, why does someone blog at all?

I mean I get that blogging in easier than laying on a couch in a therapist office and spilling your guts to a perfect stranger at $250 an hour. Blogging is sitting at your desk and pouring out your hearts troubles to 5000 perfect strangers who are yawning or giggling as they read your particular set of problems. 

So what are the reasons we blog?

I am stealing all types of images from other bloggers, that I have used over the past few weeks, for this post, so sue me…..

Real talk…. we blog for all types of reasons, a virtual plethora of things makes us blog. Not all are good reasons to blog, let alone worthy of a blog. There are those who blog for the therapeutic results they receive from clearing thoughts from their minds. Getting things off their chest.

Some blog to inform others of life experiences they have gone through and want to reach out to others whom just might be in the same boat. There are the people who use a blog as a way to market their lively hood, such as tradesmen or artist or writers, poets and others in the artistic community.

Some blog to show you pictures of their cats.

After 3 photos I am ready to choke them and their damn cats,

To all the bloggers who do that stupid “caturday” bull shit….stop. it. please. Blogging is as personal as the deodorant you use. You just do it, most, with no clear reason why you do it, not all but a LOT blog that way, with no clue. A blogger’s focus can change over years, and it should change if you’ve been bloggin awhile. I changed my blogs focus after 4 years of being political. I had enough. I get bored very quickly. I changed to being a blog in support of all things artistic….from being a political blog.

Change is good but it can be a rough passage if you’re not careful…..

This gif above makes me want to sing the theme song lyrics to Gilligan’s Island….

“The weather started getting rough,
But the tiny ship was tossed.
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
The Minnow would be lost.”

Sorry, I LOVED that show…..Ginger was hot but that Mary Ann…….wow…..

And THAT is absolutely how some folks blog…….one second on one subject and 3 sentences later onto something totally different….and then they expect us to follow their craziness. Blogging is a lot like the gif above, if you’re not careful, not focused on what you want your blog to be and do…..you’ll find yourself tossed about like the crew of the S. S. Minnow.

Blogging as a hobby is supposed to be fun. Blogging as a profession is supposed to reap you some benefits or rewards. Remember, whatever your purpose for blogging, you must make it interesting for those whom you want to read you…..or else you will bore the shit outta folks.

In case you didn’t figure it out by now, this blog post right here, is satire, sarcasm and parody….written by me to make you laugh, or not.

Actually I was bored, it’s been a slow night, morning and I needed some distraction to make time go by faster……so….I….blogged.

Now I am sleepy so I do believe it’s nap time…..

Thank all for now……


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  1. My real aim of blogging is to impact people’s life. I want people to read my blog and feel the need to make change in their lives and mindset even if am not making money yet and the viewers are increasing.


  2. Gilligan’s Island, that brings back some childhood memories. My parents said I was an unstable child watching stuff like that, and when I got older I knew they were right. That’s it – I blog because I’m mad.

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    • Hello Mr. David, and yes, the bloggersphere is where The Arts have come to grow, live and prosper for those who are intelligent enough to comprehend that The Arts are what makes humanity survive. Thank you for reblogging this one. 🤗😉😊💞😈

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