Christmas Recipes…Christmas Pudding

Retired? No one told me!


Day 4 of the Christmas Countdown…..I am sure I am not alone in thinking I have plenty of time Christmas is a couple of months away and then like a bolt of lightning …I realise I am running out of time and I must get a wiggle on….those of you who are super organised have probably already made your puds, cakes and sweet mincemeat…here as I live in hotter climes it is not advisable as it ferments so I make mine at the beginning of December and there is so much lovely fruit ( and booze) that they taste just as good as those either kept over from last year or made earlier…

I always used to save a Christmas pudding and a jar or two of mincemeat from one year to the next a tradition passed down through the generations…

I am maudling…I know…Get on with it Carol……

But before…

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    • Hello Ms. Carol. Not frazzled at all, this is the time of year I am much lazy and take a lot of time away from my daily activities of sitting behind a computer screen. You may have noticed my activity online is a lot less than my usual normal…..I’ve been a bad boy/lazy bum since Thanksgiving, and will continue to be so until January 5th. 🍗🤶🎅🎀☃️🥂🍷🎉🧢🌹

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