Philip Morris vs Goliath

It Just Popped Into My Head

He’s a giant of a man

who could command

entire parties

with his inappropriate jokes

and bar-tending skills.

a laugh so infectious

you remember his contorted face

for years

and it still makes you smile.

Sheer magnitude

in his personality,

selling ice to an Eskimo,

sailing the bay

and saying nothing

because he’s got the whole world

in his hand.

All it took

was just one puff

to bring the giant down

and reduce him

to nothing.




Like the clots in his lungs.

From that one puff

times six

times times twenty

times two

times three hundred sixty five

times sixty years.

Those tiny clots.

Those tiny puffs.

That giant lying, catatonic,

machines in every vein and hole.

Never waking


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