Twitter opens up the limits – Now you can post upto 280 characters

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Twitter has taken a step ahead to undergo a big change in defining itself.

Twitter tweet character limit increasing up to 280 which are double of what used to be previously.

This change has proven to be effective step to attract its users as now they are able to express themselves well.

Previously when people were suppose to put their thoughts into just 140 characters it used to be quite frustrating for the users which avoided them to spend their time using Twitter.

Twitter has now changed its defining terms by increasing the number of characters to 280 characters.

Prior to the development of mobile apps, the limit of 140 characters was originally created which was almost same as the length of SMS. SMS limit 160 characters which is the same for Twitter but allowing the thoughts to be expresses in 140 characters Twitter keeps the rest 20 to be used…

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