Goals/Reflections: Not There. Not Where I Was.

Writing With Hope

Goals & Reflections: I’m Not Quite There, But I’m Not Where I Was!

December is a perfect time to reflect as we enter into the New Year. Whenever it comes to goals, most of us can say that we’re not quite there. While there are rare individuals that can boast that every area of their life is absolutely perfect, it’s not common.

Is There Room For Growth In Your Life?

If we’re completely honest with ourselves and open for personal improvement, we will admit that there is always room for growth. If you look back at your previous year, you might find a roller coaster of emotional moments, pitfalls, and peaks. But, life would be rather dull if everything stayed the same all of the time. While some of us grow from our mistakes, others might continue to repeat them until they learn a hard lesson. What I found in life, fighting personal change is a recipe for disaster.

I’ve also learned in…

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