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That middle class girl

“Radhika…what are you doing here in the kitchen at midnight?”

“Gaurav..please I am very hungry, let me have a little food. I beg you.”

“No Radhika, this is my house and you will have to follow my rules. I told you, no food for you.”

“Please Gaurav…just a few spoons of rice won’t hurt you. I did so much for you all my life and this is what you give me in return.”

“I don’t care. When I say no, you better listen. Now get out of here.”

Gaurav hated doing this to her. But he had no choice. Radhika had to follow her doctor’s instructions. He closed the door of the kitchen behind him and takes Radhika to the bedroom. Radhika was crying by now. She wanted to say a lot but she had little energy. She gulped down a glass of water, kept next to her bed and…

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