Macy’s Magical Christmas Tree!

The Chicago Files

Look what we have here! This is the Macy’s Christmas Tree for the 2017 holidays! At a whopping 45 feet, it’s no wonder the patrons of the, “Walnut Room” restaurant look present-sized, don’t you think?

The folks who design and decorate this tree year after year come up with the most spectacular and eye-catching creations.  I looked at this tree for about 15 minutes and snapped a lot of photos in the hope that at least one would turn out as close to what I ‘saw’ with my eyes as possible.  This one is pretty darn close.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the lighting at the top of the room changes at certain intervals; I caught the red glow, but I believe green had just appeared, and previous to that was blue.  What fun!

In case you are wondering where I was standing in order to get this pic…

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